Curricula report

Co-creation in arts, culture and heritage

Curricula Report

Period and editor

Oct 2019 – Feb 2020 with Interfolk (DK) as editor.

Aim and objectives

The aim is to present the tested curricula for in-service training courses of culture actors engaged in co-creative and cross-sector cooperation. The objectives are:

  • To clarify the key findings of the previous tests of the four pilot courses
  • To elaborate the core curricula for key competence of successful co-creative cooperation.
  • To outline exemplary course packages

Outline of the Curricula Report

The report can have the following disposition:

  1. Foreword on background and aims for the guidelines (1-2 pages)
  2. Definitions and meanings of Curriculum (2-3 pages)
  3. Guidelines for providing an adult education curricula (4 -5 pages)
  4. Key findings of desk research, workshops, Symposium and test of pilot courses (4-5 pages)
  5. The standard curriculum (5-6 pages)
  6. The Recommendations for course planning ( 2-3 pages)
  7. Annexes: Present 2-3 ready-to-use formative in-service training packages (5-6 pages)

The size of the Curriculum Report can be 30 standard pages. The five languages versions (EN, DK, NO, LV and LT) have the same lay-out and are published as PDF-files for wide dissemination.

More information

The English master edition of the Curricula report will be published here January 2020 and the four language editions will be published february 2020.


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